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What make the Basque Country so different? Well, it’s own language: Basque. The Europe’s oldest language. A language that has no Indo-European origins and no other language from the same family. But, where does Basque come from? Albeit several theories related to Basque have been put forward, none of those theories have been validated. In any case, the main mystery of Basque does not lie in its origin: How can such a small language have been kept alive so long?

Kostaldea urola kosta ondarea euskara
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This cultural heritage can be seen in its music, dances, sports, festivities, gastronomy and in many different fields, where its particularity stands out and within which it has been able to innovate and survive. Enjoy and experience this region with its manifest and special identity. Feel yourself at home with its people; dare to speak our language, and dive into our culture.