If you want to forget about the to and fro, you’ll find it in Aia.

If you want to forget about the ups and downs of life, Aia is an incomparable choice: savour the products and cheeses produced in the village, go for a relaxing outing along its green walks and meet its wildlife and animals, get lost in the village streets marvelling at its architecture, play in the “frontones” (handball courts) and parks of the municipality, enjoy Aia’s popular and traditional festivities, and discover the Game of the Sheep in Aia.

Don’t forget Aia’s most valued treasure: Pagoeta Nature Park.

Pagoeta Nature Park:
Iturraran Homestead
20809 – Aia
Tel. 943 83 53 89

What to see in Aia

Pagoeta Nature Park.
Mountain routes looking over the Basque coast.
Cheesemakers and a corner of local products.
Fair of Collection plants and Fair of San Asensio.
Aia’s Game of the Sheep.
San Esteban Parrish Church.