Skilfully stitched by the needle and thread of Balenciaga.

A coastal town, well known for its navigator J. S. Elcano, the first seafarer to navigate around the world. It’s a common tourist town in the Basque Country. Wel-known for its restaurants that prepare grilled fish and white wine with designation of origin, called Txakolí de Getaria.

The town of Getaria takes up the central part of the coast of Gipuzkoa, on the shoreline of the Cantabrian Sea. This section is made up of a steep ledge, giving shape to bays and points due to erosion. The old part of Getaria is located on top of a mound linking mount San Antón with the shore. Mount San Anton had been an island until the 16th century.

Its rectangular-shaped layout, formed by parallel streets and cross-sectional departments. Height differences are overcome using staircases and slopes. The town was initially surrounded by walls and towers, however no vestiges of these remain at present.

Information Centre

Getaria Tourist Office
Aldamar parkea, 2
20808 – Getaria
Tel. 943 14 09 57

What to see in Getaria

San Salvador Church
Mount San Antón (the Mouse of Getaria)
Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum
Malkorbe and Gaztetape Beaches
Txakolí, grilled fish and canned food
Old quarter of the town and its neighborhoods