Ongi etorri euskararen herrira


Promoted by the tourism and Basque services of the five towns of the region, this initiative has been created in collaboration between the Urola Kosta Region, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and UEMA.

Basque is the oldest living language in Europe and certainly one of our local jewels. That is why the Urola Kosta Region’s tourist offer this summer will focus on the Basque language and Basque identity, sharing them with the visitors.

The initiative has three main objectives:

  • Make the Basque known to visitors as a distinctive element of our cultural heritage.
  • Interact in Basque with the visitors using tools such as creativity and this experience campaign.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the tourism’s agents (due to their direct connection with the people that visit our region) and the citizens of the Basque Country.