Zumaia at present, is a collection of peculiarities

Many men and women have helped to shape this coastal town’s own identity. Painter Ignacio Zuloaga (set up his final study in Zumaia), authors Baltasar Etxabe and Julene Azpeitia, sculptor Julio Beobide, and the Yeregui brothers (creators of the first diesel engine in the State). They have all left their mark and stamped this coastal town with a meaningful identity.

This identity is also reflected in the particular geography of the environment, specifically, the Geopark of the Basque Coast. UNESCO called it a global geopark. Along with other adjacent towns, they form the stunning layers that make up the <>: a sea and land route, with the espectacular cliffs made up of flysch and one of the largest intertidal abrasion platforms in Europe.

Zumaia Tourist Office

Zumaia Tourist Office
Kantauri plaza, 13
20750 – Zumaia
Tel. 943 14 33 96

What to see in Zumaia

Algorri Nature Interpretation Centre
Z Espacio Cultural
Julio Beobide Museum
San Pedro Parrish Church
Basque Coast UNESCO global Geopark
Deba-Zumaia Biotope