Basque gastronomy is renowned worldwide and praised for its tradition and innovation. However, just like in great works of art, it’s best to pay attention to detail. Our gastronomy, Urola Kosta’s, is very special, since it is highly influenced by its coast; that’s why we call it the “Kosta Gastronomika”. In this type of gastronomy, the end products share the leading role with the creators, just as with the lanscape where it is grown and the hands that work and prepare the food.

Let us introduce you to five essential ingredients of the Kosta Gastronomika, so that you know what they are and for you to enjoy them individually. The zesty flavour of txakolí with the Txakolí de Getaria denomination of origin, the taste of grilled sea bream Orio style, the vegetables found in the Zarautz market, sheep cheeses from Aia and octopus from the Flysch in Zumaia.

The grill is our ambassador. Embers, fire, heat, the sparkle of the coal, the tasty steam exuded by the fish brought from our ports and the grilled meat. We’re experts at knowing the specific cooking times of these delicacies, showing how it’s done out in the street.

Since the grills are fired up outside the restaurants, when dining out for lunch or dinner. It’s quite spectacular to go and have a look, share the culinary advice of the grill experts and, ultimately, savour the special flavour of our dishes. A flavour we have preserved from long ago, adding the experience of top level cuisine.