At the foot of San Antón, under the protection of San Antón.
In our narrow streets you can find a quality and choice offer.
Protect the local businesses:

orio arkupe elkartea


Despite being a small town, in Orio the commercial and restaurant business is quite significant. You will find different types of establishments: food, fashion, services, healthcare, printers, bars, restaurants, book stores, household supplies… You can get everything you need without leaving town. The Arkupe shopkeepers and hoteliers organise different events throughout the year.

murkil zarautzko dendarien elkartea


A large outdoor shopping centre of specialized shops (EU).

Who would say that Zarautz’s Old Quarter has so many shops, with so much variety and quality. Zarautz is a large outdoor shopping centre; where you can find everything: a designer dress, delicatessen preserves… and many other things; in the establishments you will find subtle details, personalized attention and quality. The town centre has elegant striking buildings, beautiful narrow streets, and shops with exclusive products. Shops specialized in fashion, footwear, beauty, sports, decoration and handicrafts… It’s impossible to not be tempted.

gertu zumaiako merkatari ostalari elkartea


The GERTU shopkeepers and hoteliers association of Zumaia was founded in 1998 with the aim of promoting and boosting Zumaia’s commercial development, in order to fulfil the active role of reviving the structures of its small businesses.

Zumaia’s shopowners offer a commercial model that blends the supply of a collection of top quality products and services with personalized attention. In addition to all this, they offer a commercial space adapted to the consumer’s needs.

In this context, the GERTU association is a key piece to successfully managing the future of the local businesses.