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Discover Saint James’ Way

What drives someone to walk almost one thousand kilometers?

Feel it for yourself, in the two sections of Saint James’ Way that cross our region. Both form part of the so-called “Coastal Way” of this important pilgrimage.

The first section, from Orio to Zarautz, is short (6.8 km), and pleasant, quite close to the sea and mountains. You can visit San Martín de Tours chapel, an idyllic vantage point looking over the Cantabrian sea, and you can also visit: San Nicolás de Bari church, Orio’s historic quarter and the Camino de Santiago Interpretation Centre.

The second section, from Zarautz to Zumaia (coming up through Getaria), is a little longer (9.5 kilometers) and is even closer to the sea; specifically, it crosses the walk prepared along the coastal road. With fields and homesteads as travelling companions. A sporting challenge, the search for spirituality, the desire for solitude, stories to share…. What’s your reason to start walking?

Santiago de Compostela Interpretation Centre (Orio)

Through the three floors of this 16th century palace you’ll come to understand why Saint James’ Way mobilizes 280,000 people every year. The pilgrims, when they enter the Basque Country, can choose to follow the coastal route or the inland route.

Interesting facts:
Kale Nagusia 17 – 20810 Orio
Tel. 943 835 565

Free entrance.

Kostaldea urola kosta ondarea Donejakue bidea