Along a two-kilometre long beach of fine sand, the sea embraces Zarautz.

The sea embraces Zarautz all along its two-kilometre beach of fine sand (The longest beach in the Basque Country). Scultpures exhibited on the seafront and cafeterias, and then followed by the protected biotope, create a dichotomy between the town and nature. In one of the most significant towns on the Basque coast, where the rich heritage, water games, pedestrian streets and museums cross one another to create a lively atmosphere that constantly prevails anywhere.

It’s an excellent place to enjoy the culture and gastro-tourism, as well as participate in the attractive and traditional festivities. Where music, folklore, rowing regattas and rural sports take centre stage.

Zarautz currently moves at its own pace, adapted to the mountains and sea that surrounds it. A modern town proudly sharing its traditions.

Information Centre

Zarautz Tourist Office
Kale Nagusia 30
20800 – Zarautz
Tel. 943 83 09 90

Summer Information Point
Seafront boulevard
T. 943 89 03 77

What to see in Zarautz

Photomuseum – Photography and Film Museum
Monumental and Archaeological Ensemble of Santa María La Real
Iñurritza Biotope
Beach and seafront